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The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection” - Michelangelo Buonarroti

26-27 October, 2020 - Florence, Italy

“The Magic of the Renaissance” - Another successful SWS Florence Extended Scientific Sessions, despite the difficult times!

2020 is a tough year for all people involved in science and art. The pandemic and the panic it is spreading all around makes it really hard not only to continue with the normal life, but also to present your research and art works and to receive the well-deserved feedback. Most scientific conferences and art forums got cancelled or postponed for an undefined time in the future.  Many people had to cancel or put on hold their plans.
We in SWS Scholarly Society believe, that nothing should stop science and art from moving forward.  Doesn’t matter what is happening around us, we know, that there is always a way to support our fellow researchers and artists and it is our mission to find this way.
This is the reason we decided that the SWS Florence 2020 Extended Scientific Sessions will take place and will not be postponed or cancelled. Due to the new measures in Italy, we couldn’t organize a live conference on spot, but this was not an obstacle for us. We have always considered modern technology - one of our best friends, and we immediately knew, that going virtual is the only way to make sure all scientists and artists who applied for the conference will receive the platform they deserve. As we know, how hard it is for most of us right now to stay in line with the newest developments in our fields, we decided to give complimentary access to the sessions for university students, who had the possibility to watch the presentations and performances and participate in the discussions after.

Even though the change to virtual format happened almost in the last moment, more than 30 researchers and performers succeeded to present their work to the audience. We had the chance to see the whole specter of arts and humanities not only from their artistic, but also from their scientific side and we dived deep into the age of Renaissance. More than 50 people were watching and sending questions and comments at any given moment and sometimes the number of viewers was getting close to the limit of the online platform we were using.

The feedback we received at the end including messages like Fantastic work! Great Sessions!, “Thank you for organizing the event at such difficult times! and I would particularly like to thank the SWS organizers for their efforts to make this virtual experience as live-like as possible proved, that we took the right decision not to cancel the conference and be one of the many who gave up in the face of the fear.

But all this would not be possible without the presenters, viewers and performers, who took part in the SWS Florence Extended Scientific Sessions. We are extremely grateful to all of you for making these two days possible!
We are now looking forward to our next Extended Scientific Sessions „When Science Meets Art“, 9-12 December 2020 in Vienna, Austria,, where we hope to be able to meet all our participants face to face and have real conference experience again. 




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Phone: +39 350 0970148

23 May - 25 May, 2021
Auditorium al Duomo, Centro Congressi al Duomo
Via de’ Cerretani 54/R
50123 Florence (FI) Italy




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