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Call for Papers

Enchanted by the magical combination the most interesting epochs in European history, on the one hand – The Middle Ages and The Renaissance, and on the other hand, the amalgam of Arts, Humanities and Science, we are impatient for your participation. All theoretical, methodological and conceptual reports presenting the respective fields are acceptable. We aspire to become the most efficient platform for sharing and discussing the newest developments and problem-solving ideas in the above-mentioned fields of knowledge. Welcome to Xth SWS Conference on Arts & Humanities!

Key Steps

  • 1 Choose a scientific topic.
    Read the conference topis and sections - the submitted article must be related to the conference scope. /conference topics/
  • 2 Prepare your abstract.
    Your paper abstract should be at least 1500 characters.
    /full paper requirements/
  • 3 Create your PROFILE and make a REGISTRATION.
    There are several forms of participation - make your choice and register now!
  • 4 Submit your ABSTRACT via our web site - My Article section


The importance of writing a good title and abstract :: PDF Filesome helpful information
How to Write a Scientific Abstract in 7 Steps :: PDF Filesome helpful information
Writing a Scientific Research Article :: PDF Filesome helpful information


Certificates & Awards

Each Speaker receives a Certificate of Attendance after the end of the respective plenary session by the Session Chairmen. Each participant receives one Certificate of attendance. If speaker has two schedules presentations, he will receive it after the end of his second one.

The session chairmen evaluate each speakers during the every-day sessions and at the end of the conference best speakers are being awarded by Award Certificate and laser inscribes Crystal Plaque.



Convey a WORKSHOP (choose a topic)/more info/
PERFORM your piece-of-art (exhibition/performance) /more info/

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From philosophy, history and archaeology to music,
art, architecture, literature and poetry,
the humanities are the sense of life -
they make us human.  


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