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Type of Sessions

The SWS Organizing Committee has a strong commitment to provide opportunities for conference participants to exchange knowledge and ideas, communicate and learn from each other. The conference programme combines a number of sessions and events that are designed specifically to promote interactions among the on-site members of the knowledge art and social communities. These range from more formal Oral and Poster sessions, through parallel Workshop discussions and Live Art performances, to informal coffee breaks and optional social activities. Aiming to keep the value of interactions among participants, these sessions are arranged in a programme that allow live discussions following the formal presentations throughout the conference days.


  • ORAL/POSTER Sessions

    Oral/Poster Presentations are organized by the Conference Programme Committee regarding their topic and type of presentation.
  • PhD

    PhD Sessions (Oral/Poster presentations) are organized simultaneously to the rest of the plenary sessions, arranged by topic and type of presentation.
  • Virtual Presence

    Publishing a paper is an option available for those who are unable to attend the conference in person, but they still have the chance to make a VIRTUAL presentation.
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  • WORKSHOP Sessions

    Experts and senior scientists are welcome to prepare and submit proposals for an interactive-workshop session where concepts will be demonstrated or explored.Discussions and exercises involving the audience are preferential and always expected.
  • LIVE ART Performances

    University representatives, artists and musicians are able to demonstrate the status of their work, musical and/or theatrical performance, exhibit of artwork, photographs, sculptures or etc..

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Presentation Nominations & Certificates

Each Speaker receives a Certificate of Attendance after the end of the respective plenary session by the Session Chairmen.


Preliminary conference programme is published on the web site a week after the final deadlines for call for papers and workshop proposals.


Speakers must present their research in accordance with the conference programme. This will assure their paper publication into the conference collection of papers.


Every participant will receive a PDF version of their published paper in the post conference period. Hard copy of the Conference Proceeding will be given after the event only if requested.


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PERFORM your piece-of-art (exhibition/performance) /more info/

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